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Notes of Glasslip Episode 3

Posted on the 18 July 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Glasslip Episode 3

Chicken’s off!

Last week on Glasslip, Kakeru wanted to tell Touko about her ability to see the future. After a ‘no-dating’ rule is lifted when Yanagi tells Touko that she likes Yukinari, out of nowhere, he confesses to Touko, while Yanagi is watching. Frustrated on how to resolve this, Touko calls Kakeru for advice.

Summary of Glasslip Episode 3

  • Kakeru decides to visit Touko at her family’s glass factory, but suddenly she asks him to discuss it another time, out of embarrassment that her family will think she’s dating him. She invites him to go on their upcoming hiking trip, but he turns down her offer, saying he prefers to hike alone. Meanwhile on the hiking trip, Yanagi asks Touko how she honestly feels about Yukinari, and Hiro still battles on how to confess to Sachi. Then on the way home, Touko suddenly has a vision of Sachi in the future, but before she can ask her if she’s alright, she drives away.

My Take

  • I’m relieved to see Kakeru barely make a presence in this episode. On the other hand, though, now that the story’s established more, and now we kind of know the reason why he’s here, I suppose I could tolerate him in future episodes. Personally, I don’t know if Touko sees him as a future boyfriend, even if all the characteristics are there. She’s a cute girl and all, but her cuteness and his overly-philosophical view on life would just clash, and thereby making the rest of the group even more aggravated. I really don’t care about how Yukinari feels about Kakeru anymore, but Sachi’s the one Kakeru should be afraid of.
Glasslip Episode 3

Another indirect kiss.

  • Because she’s in love. And she’s rather cute about it too. After she gets curious about Kakeru in Episode 1, and angry with him in Episode 2, seeing her and Touko together makes so much more sense than with……what was his name?……he’s in the show, I think, but the name I’ve just forgotten…oh yeah…Hiro. Watch out, because this post could well be the last time I mention him, because he is just that boring and pointless and stupid and everything. Anyone with a brain cell would watch him and just tell him to leave the show entirely, and let Sachi work up her adorable little strength in charming the pants off of Touko. But yeah, it is nice that, in the 21st century, so so so many studios have finally realised that guys can like guys and girls can like girls, and thus create fitting and quality characters. No fanshipping, no stupid fanfiction, none of that. Of course this being a family-ish show, we won’t get what we want. Instead we’ll only get the other couple.
Glasslip Episode 3

……umm…n-n-n-nice d-d-day, isn’t it?

  • Yep, that’s right. These two. While in the space of 2 episodes she has stood out more and more, he has had the level of presence and say of a potato in this episode, and if it stays like that throughout the entire show, I couldn’t care less. He fumbles around, talks and mutters to himself, and has become the clown in this show. I suppose every group of friends in every show ought to have at least one clueless and idiotic guy or girl, but at least other clueless and idiotic guys and girls have unique characteristics or a background story. Hiro, on the other hand, has nothing remarkable about himself. No good qualities, but no bad qualities either: he’s just…pointless, and no longer worth my time. Sachi, on the other hand, might be getting the idea that he likes her now, but as she’s so smitten with Touko (romantically or otherwise), I have no idea if she’ll do anything about it and make him man up.
  • But as for the other guy? Well, see for yourself:
Glasslip Episode 3

This is not my happy face, THIS is my happy face.

  • He hasn’t really changed at all. He confessed to Touko in the last episode, so you’d think he’d show some kind of emotion, or love, or anything. And here too, when Touko tells him to back off and chase after Yanagi instead……nothing. While I thought Kakeru had become a punching bag in this show, I think I might have to replace Kakeru with Yukinari instead. Not to force him to cheer up or to go after Yanagi or anything, but for him to just feel pain.
  • I’m loving Sachi more and more (and that’s not because I have a thing for glasses girls), and I hope that we both know more about her and about her illness. I’m hoping Yanagi will stop fretting like the silly little schoolgirl she is and confess (however we all know what’ll happen if she does), and let’s all hope Yukinari will find the nearest phone, call 1-800-BE-HAPPY, and ask for Pharrell Williams’ help. As for Hiro? Who’s Hiro?
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Notes of Glasslip Episode 3
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Notes of Glasslip Episode 3
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