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Notes of Coppelion Episode 9

Posted on the 05 December 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
From this point on, this show is going to be awesome! ... yeah, I wish. Coppelion Episode 9

From this point on, this show is going to be awesome! … yeah, I wish.

  • In the last episode, Ibara and company are attacked and chased around the old capital by the Ozu sisters who have an ulterior motive.
  • Summary of Episode Nine: The wind, carrying the contamination, is on the rise, cornering all of them. Ibara thinks up a plan, which is to escape by train. They split into two teams, one fixing the downed power lines and the other providing a distraction for the Ozu sisters. Meanwhile Ibuki starts having contractions again and she goes into labour; no one has experience with childbirth, but luckily they get old granny Ayame on the phone to assist Taeko. Ibara has devised a cunning plan as a diversion and the episode ends with them leaving their hideout and putting things into motion.
  • My impressions: Maybe owing it to previous episodes disappointing me, this time it was a better episode then I expected.
  • The first moment I saw the old granny I didn’t know who she was until her name was mentioned. Sorry, who were you again? Coppelion Episode 9

    Sorry, who were you again?

    After that I just knew they were going to use her some way in the story later, and my prediction was correct. She was looking at the children in the nursery home and mentioned “no one ever gives me a call” … I just knew whatever role she would have later on will involve children. And I was spot on. I mean, her being an obstetrician just when the team needs one? That just too convenient.

  • What’s up with the crows in this series anyway? They were first seen in the stealth bomber episode, accompanying the plane as it soared in the sky. They were shown sitting behind Haruto when the principal first contacted him at the start of Episode six. I almost thought he had the ability to make animals his familiars (like in anime involving magic and stuff). This time they are shown trying to escape before the wind carrying the contamination, only to die and bleed on the ground. Or maybe there’s no hidden meaning in their appearing constantly.
  • I had some giggles when seeing scenes like this. Kurobe is telling what each person should do, yet doing nothing himself. He’s a born manager.
    Like a boss. Coppelion Episode 9

    Like a boss.

  • Although my job is related to trains, I’m not an electrical engineer and couldn’t answer off-hand the question of what happens when a DC motor is connected to an AC power supply, which is what Kurobe and Gennai were planning to do. Much to my surprise the answer given by the show was actually correct – depending on the construction either the motor heats up (pure DC motors) or works normally (so called universal motors). I was kinda expecting an answer that would bend the laws of physics, because that would’ve been totally normal based on the past few episodes.
  • I actually have very little to talk about from this episode. It felt…well not exactly a filler episode like in Naruto or Bleach where you’d put the main story aside and have the characters do some random stuff that they’d forget once the main storyline resumes, but more like an episode that links the previous one and the next one together. Yes, the storyline advanced a bit, but they still have to deal with the Ozu sisters from the previous episode, they still have to find a way to escape the wind and the contamination, Ibuki is still in labor pains, the 1st Division still runs amok in the Old Capital and so on.
  • So I thought I’d write about the personalities of the three girls, ‘case I’ve been neglecting this aspect of Coppelion a little bit I fear. Now I remember I wrote in the summary of Episode One that I liked the personalities of the characters. This hasn’t changed much. I still like the chemistry among them, and each of them was interesting in the first few episodes. However, I am starting to feel that they are too shallow; there’s no depth to their personality. In other words, Ibara is always this head-strong “let’s do it!” girl, Aoi is bipolar and Taeko is too emotional. They are predictable and haven’t changed a wee bit over the course of the past nine episodes. We still don’t know much about their backgrounds, specifically, how they were brought up, how they managed at school, and so on.
  • The previous episode revealed that all the special children were cloned, but even if they are clones, they don’t pop out of a laboratory as teenagers… (or maybe they do, considering some of the stuff Coppelion has been throwing at me). They’d still had to have been brought up, enrolled to school, and so on. But nothing explains why Ibara became so headstrong or why Aoi is either super hyped-up (usually about food) or in low spirits. We are forced to accept them as they are. Now one could argue that for instance, Aoi was able to overcome her depression and finally she emerged from her seclusion; and even if I was to think of that as some sort of development of her personality, the other two girls don’t undergo similar changes. On the contrary, while it is commendable that Ibara is willing to undertake the task of helping Ibuki give birth to her baby, she does forget for a moment however that her priority should be to rescue everyone, that is, the rest of the refugees stuck in the planetarium aptly named Planet. It’s not the first time she forgets her role as the leader of the team and tries to do everything by herself. I had the same impression when she one-handedly saved old granny Ayame from the kidnappers in Episode three, although it could be explained that the kidnappers were far away and only she had the athletic ability to catch up with the baddies. And I can’t think of anything related to Taeko that could count as a change in her personality. But hey, we still have quite a few episodes, maybe the writers of the show have a surprise in store for us.
  • All in all, while my faith in this show has not renewed, at least it didn’t dwindle any further .

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