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Notes of Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6 and 7

Posted on the 17 November 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Notes of Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6 and 7

“Don’t stare, son. It’s rude…”

Last week on Amagi Brilliant Park, when Seiya discovers his plan of reducing ticket prices fell flat, Moffle tells him of a hidden treasure in an abandoned area of the castle. After getting trapped and lost there, Seiya, Isuzu and the gang-of-three find a former employee living a new life as an otaku, along with a timid dragon and a crew of mole engineers. Discovering that the otaku’s collection is worth a lot, Seiya chooses to sell it and hire the moles and the dragon.

Summary of Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6 and 7

  • Seiya now finds out the park is understaffed, so turns to the town for potential candidates. Meanwhile, Isuzu begins to act strangely after a dream involving her and Seiya, but before she has time to mull over it, Macaron drugs her breakfast with a truth-telling pill, forcing her to reveal how she feels about Seiya.
  • Later, in Episode 7, as the water area of the park gets more popular, the gate between Maple Land and the human world breaches, and a pirate ship takes over, taking the staff (including Isuzu and Latifa) hostage. The customers, meanwhile, are oblivious, believing it is some kind of big show. With the help of the newly employed mole engineers, Seiya manages to take over the ship and its crew, only to hire the pirates for future shows for the park.

My take

  • No, no, no……I said to myself I’d back off on the fillers, but I can’t help it this time. I mean I like nearly everything from Kyoto Animation, because I’m that kind of sucker. Did I say in the episode 1 review that any episode would amount to keeping the story in check? Well last week’s episode certainly did not do that (going sideways with a treasure cave, with additional mole people and a timid dragon), so did this one? Well we already know that Isuzu wants Seiya badly like the tsundere she is, so Macaron playing a dirty trick on her with some mysterious pills he, Moffle and Tiramie found last week just…well…proved us all right.

Notes of Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6 and 7

  • Plus, I proved myself right when it came to the beach/sea/water episode that crops up in nearly every comedy show…only in this case it’s the water area of the theme park that has, until now, never been mentioned before. Yay! Water’s fun! Water slides are fun! Artificial beaches are fun! Okay so episode 7, yet another filler to add to the tally, was actually very enjoyable. Watching the entire park and its staff potentially go under when a ginormous pirate with a metal-looking moustache from Maple Land arrives and makes his mark, with the customers oblivious and treating it all as some Power Rangers-like show (Eiko has already become a favorite for me now) and, unsurprisingly, Tiramie turning traitor and joining the pirates. Not to mention the shots of poor Latifa as Princess Leia.
Notes of Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6 and 7

Where did the inspiration for this come from? Who knows.

  • One criticism you could say that I have here is Seiya’s superiority complex; it’s just become…annoying. I guess now being a manager of a massive theme park whilst juggling with school work does strange things to the head of a guy who’s completely oblivious to any romantic advances (directly or indirectly). Admitting he did some wrong things in the past would be a start now; the picture perfect guy has just fallen flat now. We already know he hates heights, and we’ll definitely learn about his child acting past. The flashbacks that crop up every now and then just gave it away. And not to mention the relationship between him and Latifa, which we all know exists.
  • At least everybody’s favorite friendly shows up to pay a visit momentarily. To be honest, I just picture as that food critic character from Disney’s Ratatouille: one taste of the magical ratatouille ends up sending him to his childhood. Well maybe this’ll be the same for this guy, who’s name I’ve already forgotten; he’ll come by when the park’s at its peak and he’ll remember the first park he went to. Or was he one of those cynical brats who hated magic as a kid? We’ll see. I mean, really, I can’t really see any other reason for him to be hanging around still in the show, unless he has the hots for Seiya or something.
Notes of Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6 and 7

Sure you are…

  • Okay, so with this being a KyoAni show, I’m expecting the next one to be a filler too, but I just find it strange how KyoAni has the power to make a filler a rather enjoyable show. These two episodes were very good, even if they didn’t move the story along. Isuzu now has the “hands-off-Seiya-he’s-mine” attitude about her. We have Sylphy showing her true colours by doing what she does best: acting crazy. Even more staff to add to the list that the park needs. And the atypical water/beach/summer episode has come and gone. We do need an episode that brings the story about some more: something about Seiya, or Latifa, or maybe Amagi Management will send in a spy. Something to move the story forward. Anything.
  • Well……if there isn’t that, at least there’s the unusual amount of fan service that has taken over the show. The fairies, Isuzu (of course), even Latifa. And I see every reviewer of the show is extremely confused at why Isuzu puts her stockings on before her underwear. I’m confused myself.

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