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Note from Tarra (blog Owner)

By Twilightbookjunkie @TwiBookJunkie
Note from Tarra (blog owner)

Hi everyone,
  I just wanted to write to you and apologize tremendously for this blog.  I had hoped when opening it that because i was going to be blogging about something i loved, that it would come easily to me, and it didn't/hasn't.  I've realized there is alot of work that goes into these book blog's and it takes a good bit of work to keep people wanting to come back to your blog,  and i seem to be having a difficult time in getting those things for you all that most book bloggers have (author guest posts, giveaways etc...) - i'm just not being asked to do them as i thought i would, or maybe i'm supposed to ask the authors to do it, i'm kinda running blindly here, and i feel like i don't really know what i'm doing.  And i feel very overwelmed.  To add to that i'm going through some things in my personal life that i am having a difficult time dealing with, my whole life has basically been ripped out from under me and i'm just trying to find a way to get through the day not in tears.  So that does have some to do with why the blog is not being updated like i would like.  But i don't wanna give up on this blog, and i'm not going to, i love books and reading and i'm gonna try my best to make the blog better for you guys that even bother reading what i post.  Because i appreciate everyone who is following the blog and those who have given me advice, it really means alot.  On one note i'm gonna be putting up a new layout soon, i know everyone has made comments on loving the one that is up, but i'm having alot of issues with it, i can't posts my posts on the facebook page because the layout is from Pyzam and for some reason they don't allow it or something, idk.  Plus i think i need a change/fresh start.  I have quite a few saved and i have no idea which one i wanna put up so i was thinking the first thing i would do for you all is let you guys help me pick the layout, i would love to have a customized layout and header and all that but i just can't afford to pay for one so, gonna go with what i can and try and make the best of it.  I will make a post probably in the next couple of days with screen shots of the layouts i have selected and there will be a poll open for you guys to vote on the new layout, i hope everyone votes because i really need the help picking as i love all of them haha.  But i just again wanted to write and let you know why the blog was so dead and let you know im not gonna give up on this blog, i hope to make it a success, i mean i don't expect it to be the biggest thing out there just something i can have fun with and where people come to get their book info and such.  There are alot of great book blogs out there and i just want this to be one of them.  So we'll see..... lol.  Hope you all have a good weekend and Happy Reading! =)

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