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“Not up for a Bidding War? How About One of These?”

Posted on the 26 February 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

“Not up for a bidding war? How about one of these?”

It’s hard being all things to all people and trying to get paid by all sides as well.

NameMarket wrote a post on Namepros that shined light on something I had not come accross before, and neither did GoDaddy’s Paul Nicks and Joe Styler.

While searching one of his names on GoDaddy he got a message that said, Sorry, is only available at auctions.

“Not up for a bidding war? How about one of these?”

He then posted a link to a name he did not own,

Here is what it looks like when I clicked the link, not logged in.


Paul Nicks wrote:

thanks @namemarket for the heads up. Our marketing team knows about this view and has plans on moving it to our newer search (the one from main GoDaddy page). You only see this older view when you have a promo code like a $.99 offer associated with your session so it’s a pretty small slice of traffic overall that sees it.

My reply to Paul was:

I didn’t have a .99 offer associated and I was not logged in. What do you mean move to newer search? There should be no search where you disparage your other clients who you make money off their inventory through commission.

While GoDaddy does not want to make it difficult for non domainers to register a domain name, I think they need to do some better coding so their other customers needs are met as well.

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