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Not Quite a Couple’s Holiday – Women Now Jetting off with Friends, Leaving the Other Half at Home

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Millions of married women are enjoying ‘girlie breaks’ without their other half – to get away from their busy family life, it has been revealed. Researchers found that as many as six in ten women have jetted off on holiday with friends, leaving their partner to hold the fort at home.

Preferring different types of holidays and struggling to get the same time off work were also among the reasons for trips without their partner.

One in five have also taken their children away, leaving their partner at home – while almost one in ten admit have even gone away alone.

Carmelina Tangi, spokesman for Hilton HHonors, which commissioned the research to mark of the launch of The Great Getaway discounts, said:

”Variety is the spice of life and trying new experiences, exploring cultures or indulging a hobby are all ways to unwind on holiday.

”Different trips suit different purposes, so whether you’re looking for the luxury escape of a lifetime, family fun on a beach break, fine dining, culture, spas or shopping, it makes sense to share these experiences with different people in our lives.”

The study of 2,000 Brits in long-term relationships found that 61% of women have enjoyed a partner or child-free holiday at some stage, with more than one in ten saying they regularly go away with other people.

Instead, 59% of those enjoy a girl’s holiday with friends, while another one in four go away with their parents.

A city break was found to be the most common partner-free holiday, followed by a shopping or spa break and short haul beach holidays.

But the research also revealed that women aren’t the only ones heading off on holidays alone, with two thirds of men also admitting to holidaying with friends while their other half stays at home.

The main reason for this was to experience a different type of holiday, with one in seven going on a sports orientated break with their mates.

However, men did own up to getting it wrong sometimes, with one in three confessing to having missed their wedding anniversary due to going away with friends instead of their wife.

Spain was named as the most popular country for a ‘Me-ni break’, followed by France and Italy, while London and Barcelona are the top choices for a city break with friends.

Jeff Diskin, executive vice president of Hilton Worldwide added:

”When you have a trip in your future, it changes your perspective. You see a hotel as more than just a bed.

”With only 28 weekends left in the year, the Hilton HHonors Great Getaway campaign gives travellers around the world a reason to book their dream vacation now.”

Until 2nd September 2013, those taking ‘Me-ni breaks’ can benefit from discounts of up to 40% off room rates in Hilton Worldwide hotels across the UK and Europe, for stays until 30th December.


1.    Spain
2.    France
3.    Italy
4.    Ireland
5.    Germany


1.    London
2.    Barcelona
3.    Amsterdam
4.    Dublin
5.    Paris

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