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Not Including a Womans Picture Even When She is in Danger

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Wow! When this post was written and posted about the madness of not including womens pictures in publications, I don't think anybody even took into account ramifications of danger to life that can be caused by not publishing the image of a woman.
It would never have crossed my mind that in a situation of danger to life the publication/community would still not print a picture. I did not even imagine a scenario where that might happen.
Yet Bechadrei has announced a missing person's report in Bnei Braq without including her picture. A 35 year old woman went missing. Good luck identifying her.
That is something that is a sakana, and anybody who can possibly find her, see her walking down the street, being abducted God forbid, or whatever, should be able to quickly identify her and alert the authorities. I would never even think otherwise.
Yet Bechadrei printed this missing person's report without including a picture of the missing woman!
That is insane!
Can you imagine the milk carton with the face blurred out for tzniyus reasons, making the missing person practically unidentifiable?
From the description alone, 35 year old woman, thin with a head covering and sport shoes, black skirt and white blouse, 1.4 meters tall, that is practically every and any 35 year old woman in the country! How can anybody possibly identify this poor missing woman from that description with no picture?
This is insane!
By the way, Kikar included a copy of the woman's teudat zehut picture:
not including a womans picture even when she is in danger
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