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Not For Sale

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Not For SaleA strong mind and strong will is not able to be swayed. And a strong character is not disturbed or deterred by the false projections that are created or entertained by those that feed off of illusion and delusion-LaToya Lawrence

Jealous and envious individuals will often attempt to define us by their misconceptions and/or intentional lies due to their own insecurities and shortcomings that they tend to reflect upon others that are at more of a character and intellectual advantage.

In reality, we ourselves are only defined by the truths of our own authentic identities no matter how difficult it may be for those that refuse to accept yet already genuinely know for themselves.

People know the real deal even if they won’t admit to it and ignorance or spite will not change actuality. When there are those that are oblivious or just in denial it still is not wise to ever yield to any of the deleterious or corrupt designs of the manipulations that are calculated by others in order to control.

That is why inadequate and undesirables look for, try to come up with, or attack with what they may perceive as “dirt” to weaken or degrade another, however, what it all boils down to is level and mentality and in all honesty what may be of significance to some, or many, can be irrelevant to that very one, and I am a living testimony as I have a mind of my own and a lot of stubbornness to go along with it, it is impossible to turn my head away from who I am and what I stand for and know and believe in.

So why sign away any power over to those that are unable to reach or to grasp that higher plane of consciousness? Why sign, seal, and deliver your soul over to the masquerades of deception forced upon us by the demonic to self surrender into self destruction?

Not For Sale
Are you ready, willing, and able to bargain and to go into agreement with the opposition? That is a contract that I’d never go to enter into!

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