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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.

By Mmpotrony @mmpotrony
So here I am, trapped in Bogota's Airport. I have to wait like 8 hours here until my Barcelona flight take of and just for you to know, this is not a cool airport where you can shop amazing stuff and cheaper than in any regular store, no, is not. OH! and if that was't cruel enough, Blackberrys are not working anywhere, and yes unfortunately I'm a BB addict, so you can imagine my level of desperation... Anyway, I had a lot of time to organize photos and documents in my mac -which was an urgent need, cause it was a mess- and to take some photos of my self cause I was too damn bored! and besides I wanna show you a hair accessory I bought last day, in Stradivarius, and until now is my favorite hair accessory ever. I mean its really comfortable, keeps my hair away from my face and besides it looks so cuteee.

Ignore the bad quality of the photos, they were taken with the computer, and I'm sorry you can see my headband clearly, the sad face is because I was saying goodbye to a dear friend, I was really sad this morning, but now, Im quite happy. I don't know if you have seen them or know what I'm talking about, they are like this somehow malleable headbands, but that you can move and adjust them and they will stay in that shape. They are not like this softs diadems that I can NEVER wear cause they never stay in place, and thats really frustrating cause then I end up looking disheveled all day. I bought mine purple -my favorite color- cause they were the last ones, but I'm planning in buy them in every single color.


Malleable Headband


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