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Northrop F-5N Tiger II

By Htam

CC Airfest_Tam_27.jpg@ Santa Maria, CA

October 2018

A pair of F-5 adversary training aircraft were present for the inaugural Central Coast Airfest airshow.  Introduced in 1962, the F-5 was in production for 28 years (2,200+ produced) and is still operated by the US Navy.  VFC-13 “Saints” made the transition to F-5E Tiger II in April 1996.  The unit’s mix of 23 F-5E, F-5F and F-5N aircraft are all painted in a variety of colorful adversary schemes of blue, gray, or brown camouflage, providing adversary training for U.S. Navy and Marine pilots.  Northrop manufactured a total of 624 F-5As, including three YF-5A prototypes, before production ended in 1972.  Nikon D7100 w/18-200mm.

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