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Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter

By Htam

2016_TAM_3469_D500_AuroraHDR.jpg@Honolulu, HI

August 2016

Here is an F-5 Freedom Fighter on display at the Pacific Aviation Museum.  This was developed by Northrop as a lower cost fighter intended for the export market. This view of the aircraft shows the mid-fuselage curves that are indicative of the use of area ruling design technique to reduce drag at transonic and supersonic speeds.  Interesting to see that the area ruling was applied to the tip tanks too.  Introduced in 1962, the F-5 was in production for 28 years (2,200+ produced) and is still operated by the US Navy as an adversary trainer. Northrop manufactured a total of 624 F-5As, including three YF-5A prototypes, before production ended in 1972.  Nikon D500 w/18-200mm.

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