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North Korean Documentary Exposes Western Propaganda

Posted on the 19 July 2013 by Ningauble @AliAksoz

Alright, so this new documentary film called “Propaganda” is a 95-minute video that presents itself as a North Korean educational video intending to inform the citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea about the dangers of Western propaganda. The video was uploaded on Youtube about a week ago. The uploader claims this is a North Korean film that they translated. 

If you have the time, watch it all. It’s super interesting. There’s a few parts that are a bit far out, but a lot of it actually makes sense and raises a lot of good points.

Yet, what’s kinda weird about this whole thing is the way the film is edited and presented. It’s nothing like regular North Korean propaganda. The editing style is like a western documentary. Also there’s no way a North Korean film would expose North Korean citizens to all these western images and ideas. The description by the uploader seems really fishy too. But they do point out that they believe this film was in fact never intended for a domestic audience in North Korea.

So why was this made and who made it? It’s obviously had a lot of effort put into it. They have a Korean (actor?) narrating everything, an English dub overlayed, tons and tons of footage… If this is just some kind of prank or hoax, why would so much effort be put into it? There are all kinds of theories about the film’s true nature and purpose. Is it a western documentary with the whole North Korea thing being just a gimmick to draw more people into watching it? Is it a genuine North Korean film that was deliberately “leaked” to western audiences? Could it have been created by the US government to make it seem like the occupy movement/conspiracy theorists/anyone who is anti-government is sympathetic to North Korea’s views? Is North Korea actually a paradise and has the evil New World Order been hiding it from us? (lol) Or could it even be the beginning of an elaborate viral marketing campaign for the game Homefront 2?!

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