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North Carolina "Improves" Its Castle Doctrine

Posted on the 11 December 2011 by Mikeb302000
North Carolina reports
For starters, NC’s old version of the law read as follows, “A lawful occupant within a home or other place of residence is justified in using any degree of force that the occupant reasonably believes is necessary, including deadly force, against an intruder to prevent a forcible entry into the home or residence or to terminate the intruder’s unlawful entry if the occupant reasonably apprehends that the intruder may kill or inflict serious bodily harm to the occupant or others in the home or residence, or if the occupant reasonably believes that the intruder intends to commit a felony in the home or residence.”
Basically they've removed the "reasonably apprehends" part. Now, trying to break in is enough. Plus they've added the car and workplace. I suppose the old way if the bad guy had a crowbar and ski mask, you could more easily justify your "reasonable" fear. Now, any two-bit break-in artist is liable to be executed summarily and legally.
Sounds like paradise.  What do you think?
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