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North American B-25J/TB-25N Mitchell

By Htam
North American B-25J/TB-25N Mitchell

@ Half Moon Bay, CA

April 2008

Nose armament of a Mitchell on display at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, two .50 inch machine guns, one fixed and one flexible. Delivered in 1945, this B-25 “Heavenly Body” rotated through a series of Stateside training assignments, undergoing a conversion to a TB-25N navigator trainer in 1954 with retirement in 1958. She was used in the filming of the 1969 film “Catch 22”, and in April 1992 was one of two B-25s that launched off the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ranger to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid. First flown in 1940, more than 9,800 Mitchells were built, with the B-25J being the last factory series production of the B-25.  There are more than one hundred surviving B-25s scattered over the world, mainly in the United States with about 45 still airworthy. Nikon D70s w/80-200mm.

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