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Normcore. The word to describe people dressing ‘normal’ to avoid standing out. There’s no getting around normcore, but I’m not always sure it’s about dressing normal because I feel it’s become more of an intentional thing. A trend. It’s cool to be normcore so let’s all try our best and act like we didn’t put effort into our carefully selected look. Then again, over the past 2 years already I’ve really enjoyed shifts in fashion towards minimalism, cleanliness, simplicity and comfort. I sometimes wonder what how this fashion era would be described by our kids. Will it be all about the minimalism, no nonsense, the need to simplify, or will we be described as ‘those kids that did their very best to look normal or minimalist. I’m actually not sure because I sometimes find the minimalism around me a little forced. Nevertheless, when following it’s definition (read an interesting article about it on Vogue here) normcore applies to many of my looks. But I’d rather apply it to myself in the definition it was originally meant to be: not really a way of dressing but more of an attitude: finding liberation in being nothing special. Ironically it’s working in fashion that made me even more ‘normal’. Although I put a lot of effort in ‘what’ I buy, I do often throw on whatever and am happy that there’s people who appreciate that and read my blog, but it wouldn’t change if much less or no people read it. It’s can be hard to tell when something is unintentional because for instance my shopping bag is very intentionally normcore. The rest is pretty random though, but somehow with black and white throwing on stuff always works.

How normcore are you?
Happy Sunday!

Blouse: Vila via ASOS (or try this one)
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Trainers: Adidas Gazelle
Bag: Susan Bijl

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