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NONFICTION PIZZA, Classroom Project

By Carolinearnoldtravel @CarolineSArnold

NONFICTION PIZZA, Classroom Project

Sample for Nonfiction Pizza Book Report Project

At a recent school visit a third grade teacher shared with me a project she was using to help her students learn about the structure of a nonfiction book and to identify text features and text structure. It was a “Nonfiction Pizza Book Report” with parts cut out from a paper template, downloadable from a site called Teachers Pay Teachers. For the sample to show the students, the teacher made a “pizza” that describes a book about the city of Los Angeles. The crust represents the finished book, mushrooms represent facts, salami is for text features, and mozzarella clumps are used  for the main topic, author’s purpose and key words. Structure is key in the creation of a good nonfiction book or a school report. I thought this was an excellent project to help students visualize the process of organizing and writing a nonfiction book. When everything works together, the end result can be delicious!

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