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Non-Traditional Work Tote: Kate Spade Hayley

By Covethercloset @covethercloset
February 13, 2013

Non-Traditional Work Tote: Kate Spade Hayley

I have been on an endless quest in an attempt to find an appropriate, functional, yet fashion-forward work tote.  Well, good luck to you, if you want a nice leather, structured bag and don’t have the budget upwards of $1,800.  You read that right.  So what’s a girl to do?  I’m over Coach for most purposes and Target totes look junky.  Many bags aren’t large enough for my laptop.  In the end, I went with this rather non-traditional work tote, Kate Spade ‘Hayley’.  It’s not leather, so I may need a more structured case for my laptop. At $388, its still spendy.  But, I love the stripes – classic nautical accent.  It has two carry options, cross body and sturdy handles.  It looks roomy enough to hold papers, wallet and  has a front zippered pocket.

kate spade hayley review non traditional work tote roomy structured best top covet her closet fashion blog how to save free ship promo code tory burch{Kate Spade ‘Hayley’ $388}

Plus, I think I’ll be able to use this for everything else too.  It’s not too worky looking and since I rarely have to go to the office, I can use it to pull double duty.  This way, I have a functional work tote, and I can buy time while I wait for the perfect leather work bag to come along…and my bank account to double.  What kind of non-traditional bag do you use for work?

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