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non-Jewish Participation in Bris

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

With the birth of a baby boy (Theodore James) to Ivanka Trump (Kushner), I wonder - are there any issues with having a non-Jew participate in a significant way with the bris ceremony? Could Donald be the sandek or amida l'brachos?
non-Jewish participation in bris
I am pretty sure that in actual halacha there is no problem, as only the mohel would likely have any actual halachic restrictions and qualifications, but I wonder if there is some sort of halachic or spiritual preference to not having a non-Jew involved as sandek (for example) or if that does not matter at all.
I am sure this issue must have come up many times, especially, but not only, with converts to Judaism who want to honor their biological parents.
Any ideas or thoughts about this?
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