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Nobody Move Or Your First Born Get It!

Posted on the 09 June 2016 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

Far beyond parody, from The Evening Standard:
Couples are delaying having children because of worries about the uncertainties of a Brexit, a senior London academic said today. Professor Michael Bruter of LSE discovered evidence that young voters in particular were “far less likely to make family plans” before the June 23 vote.
The extraordinary finding came as a think tank calculated that economic turmoil after leaving the EU could cost low-income families up to £5,500 in reduced benefits and tax credits to rebalance the public finances.

The operative word is "could", if you read the article for the list of assumptions and caveats, a fairer term would be "is highly unlikely to", but hey.
The next one is beyond logic:
Brexit would “drive a wedge” between London and the rest of the UK as more Europeans live, study and work here than in any other part of the country, a report said today.
The Centre for London think tank said the capital was “more closely linked” with continental Europe than ever before, with 850,000 EU nationals calling it home.
It warned that with over 600,000 employed in London, any visa regulation following a pull-out would deal a major blow to the capital’s economy.

In which case, London would become more like the rest of the UK (again), which is the opposite of "driving a wedge between", is it not?

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