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Noam Chomsky (and Ron Paul) on the Causes of 9/11

Posted on the 14 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
via The Democratic Underground

Further to our discussions yesterday about the causes of 9/11 according to Ralph Nader, this video highlights the remarks of Ron Paul at the GOP debate and commentary by Noam Chomsky.
They all say pretty much the same thing, Nader, Paul and Chomsky. I ask again, why is it so difficult to accept what these men say and still blame the terrorists? Do you think these men are blaming America and justifying the attackers? I don't.
One idea which didn't come up in the other discussion is the explanation that they attack us because their jealous of our freedoms. What do you think about that?
I would imagine on the streets of Beirut and Damascus among the regular people this kind of jealousy exists. But at the planning stages of terror attacks I think what Chomsky said makes more sense. He actually made reference to quotes from Al-Queda in which they said that attacks were about our "invading" their holy land.
What's your opinion?
In his recent remarks at the debate Congressman Paul mentioned the increase of attacks SINCE 9/11. He attributes this to the fact that "we're in 130 countries, we have 900 bases around the world." Do you think he has a point about that? Do you think American military foreign policy has gone too far and that it's a contributing factor? Many patriotic people agree that Iraq was a big mistake, what about all the bases?
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