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Noah Vinson Interview

Posted on the 21 June 2012 by The Otter Beats @theotterbeats
The Bronx New York, the boogie down is where Noah Vinson resides. “Being in New York and living in the environment I am living in effected my sound in a positive, yet different, way than what you would expect as an artist living in The Bronx. I can honestly say that over the years I've seen and known a lot of young rappers on the rise and my sound is distinguishable in the sense that I say whats on my mind at all times and I am very opinionated.” A wonderful trait to have indeed as picking sides and saying what you believe in seems to be an inert trait that all great rappers share. From The Bloods and The Crips to east vs west, it is indeed something that is almost inherited in Hip Hop. “Living here while others saw negative and preached about their experiences, I saw positive within that negative experience and flipped it in a way where you could feel what I am saying and at the same time know that there is a lesson to be learned behind that bad experience.” Being able to grow from your experiences is a huge positive. Learning what makes your situation different and learning how to strive allowed for Noah to find his sound and his unique musical scape.

Noah Vinson Interview

{He's got them girls talkin' bout}

“I have a lot of influences in Hip-Hop, as far as those who inspire me most I'd have to say Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Nas, Jay Z and Joe Budden to name a few.” You can definitely tell the influences when you hear Noah flow. From witty one liners to off beat and intricate layers Noah has done well to form him unique sound. He is set to release his project “The Life” later in August. Look for some awesome things as he plans more collaborations and content. The song posted here is H.I.H which Noah describes as standing for Humans in Hollywood. “It was a song I actually made a video preview for and put it on vimeo and facebook back in December of last year... It wasn't until this year when I officially recorded my verse to the song that my engineer knew Frank Ramz and suggested I get him on the track. As for Rich-P I have known Rich-P for a while prior to the song being recorded and he took a look at the preview and wanted in on the record so I thought it would be an excellent idea.” It is just that easy to start from pen and paper and to have such a beastly collaboration. Noah shines and shows us why he deserves to have his songs bumped on the radio with the likes of Drake and Jay.
Noah Vinson Interview “My advice to young rappers: stay focused on the goal, be confident in your ability but never arrogant, and never let anyone tell you that you can't do something.” Sound advice from Noah as he has been repping Hip-Hop since 2006 which pretty much makes him a sound veteran in the arena. “Being picked on comes with the territory and you have to be ready to be judged and attacked at all times. I stay humble because that's just apart of my personality. I was raised to encourage and have faith in people and to give without expecting anything in return. I show love and appreciation for all of my peers doing music as well as the greats.” Sound words to live by and it is always nice to be taught such wonderful mantras as a child. Carrying through to his adult life we can definitely expect Noah Vinson to blossom into a household name.
To all my followers, stay tuned I have a lot of new music coming your way and I hope you continue to support me. To all the future fans and followers be prepared to hear some good music, me and my team, Leaders of the Present are going to make it happen this year. - Noah Vinson

Here is the song H.I.H and as always happy listening.

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