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No Sexy Time

By Nicelise
No Sexy TimeIf you are a straight, 20something female who has dated a man, you undoubtedly know how a man will try to sleep with you.
You know the lines he uses, the looks he gives you every 7 seconds when he has a sexy thought, the way he'll move his hands around to test your waters, and so on.
Sometimes you resist and sometimes you give in to his temptations, depending on how you feel about the guy, how good he is at doing the afore mentioned things, how much alcohol you've consumed or a combination of those things.
Let's say you've been on several dates with a guy or even have been seeing him for a couple of months. In typical male fashion, you would assume he would at least try to sleep with you, right? What if you had been seeing him for a couple of months and he hadn't even tried? Not even once?!
At first, I would think that he is trying to be respectful, which is a rare find. Then you start thinking, is he waiting for the right moment? Then you start thinking, this is strange he hasn't tried to sleep with me. You go back in your memory to past flings and relationships to figure out the timeline to first time sex to compare situations.
So it's been several months and no sexy time, not even close. Is he waiting until we have the exclusivity talk? Is he not attracted to me in that way? Both thoughts that could be running through your mind until you start to come up with reasons to justify it.
Now, if you know me well enough, you know that I believe there are many other more important things to have in a relationship aside from sex. But having sex is a part of being in an adult relationship, barring how strict you are religiously. It brings two people together by creating an emotional connection and it's a way of showing how you feel about each other.
So what happens when after dating for many months and it's not happening? I'm not so sure that it's all on you. Maybe he's shy, but regardless of how shy he may be, he is still a guy. Maybe he is sleeping with someone else that you don't know about, but he is still a guy and, let's face it, why wouldn't he try sleeping with multiple women if he's dating multiple women?
Is he gay?
It's an odd, and in my experiences, and a rare occurrence that a hot-blooded, straight, young 20something man wouldn't try to have sex with a women he may or may not be attracted to. Does he really have his hormones that much in check? 

Whatever his reason or issue may be, the bottom line is he hasn't made the move and that could very well be because he doesn't want to have sex with you. It may not be about you at all, but after 5 months if there was something real there and he wanted to be with you, sex would have happened.
xoxo Nickie
Have you ever dated a guy who never made a move to sleep with you?

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