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No Seiyuu No Life: Kana Hanazawa

Posted on the 22 October 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG

Hello again ladies and gentlemen, today is the day I do the second edition of this column. It’s still in the planning stage and I still would appreciate some advice if you have some time? Please?

In other news and completely unrelated, as of today I have quit my job. I still have one month to go and I don’t know if I’ll survive but I will definitely try.

Anyways, without further ado, today’s seiyuu of the last two weeks is Kana Hanazawa! Are you surprised?

No Seiyuu No Life: Kana Hanazawa

Known for: Anri Sonohara (Durarara!!), Nadeko Sengoku (Monogatari Series), Kuroneko (Oreimo)

My favorite role: Kuroneko (Oreimo)

I’m pretty sure that, while you all wondered why I chose Go Inoue the last time, this time is pretty obvious. Kana Hanazawa is beyond awesome.

As I am sure you are aware she is one of the most popular female seiyuu lately. And, as you are probably aware, she has quite the voice range. She can do deep and scary and she can also do cute and she can voice serious characters and a lot less serious characters.

Kana Hanazawa‘s popularity is definitely deserved. She stands out whenever she opens her mouth.

I think I discovered her first in Durarara!! because that’s more or less where my seiyuu problem started. And I think I really fell in love with her when I first watched Oreimo, because at first, I didn’t notice she was the one voicing Kuroneko and that’s always something I find really impressive.

This season she is mostly voicing Akane Tsunemori in Psycho Pass 2 and Ai Kitora in World Trigger.

No Seiyuu No Life: Kana Hanazawa

She doesn’t stand out as much in World Trigger as she does in Psycho Pass though. It might probably because she has just appeared in World Trigger and somehow Yuuki Kaji dominates everything in World Trigger, I can only ever hear him, it’s a bit annoying. I probably have a problem with Yuuki Kaji.

Thing is, I chose Kana Hanazawa today because of her work as Akane.

Because somehow, I am under the impression that her Akane in this season is a lot more assertive than before. It feels like Akane’s voice has evolved with Akane’s character and I think that’s amazing.

No Seiyuu No Life: Kana Hanazawa

Either way, Kana Hanazawa is awesome. What do you think?

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So, apparently, last week you chose Daisuke Ono. Good choice! He probably will end up being crowned in this column soon enough. His Kokkuri-san is awesome!

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