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No Seiyuu No Life: Aoi Yuuki

Posted on the 12 November 2015 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG

Welcome back in my little corner of this blog for a new edition of your weekly seiyuu fix. To be honest though, the more I write this columns the harder it gets to find girls to talk about. I knew my ears liked boys more but I never knew I had such a huge problem with remembering girls.

But, rejoice, today I have found an idea and we will be talking about Aoi Yuuki !

No Seiyuu no Life: Aoi Yuuki

Known for: Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

My favorite: Mina Tepes (Dance in the Vampire Bund)

I have one thing to say, the list of roles she’s voiced is massive. Yet, nothing really stood out for me. I had to fight against my own self to remember how she sounded as Madoka and to even find a character of hers I really liked.

For some reasons though her as Minas Tepes in Dance in the Vampire Bund did resonate with me though. It’s probably the only character among the hundred she voiced that I could remember how she sounded like instantly. And I didn’t even like that anime that much. And you probably don’t even remember it either, it’s old. (And if you have never seen it, you shouldn’t, it really isn’t that good. Ok it’s straight up bad.)

I think the real reason why Mina stuck so much with me is that it’s pretty much the only time I have heard Aoi Yuuki as a close to evil character. I haven’t seen that many anime with her in it when I think about it but Mina had a very nice evil voice. I think she should do that more instead of the soft-spoken character she’s used to voice.

No Seiyuu no Life: Aoi Yuuki

If I chose to talk about her today it’s mostly because of Madoka to be honest. At a complete loss of who to write about I checked Madoka’s page and saw her at the top of the list and realizing I didn’t know much about her I thought it would be nice to get to know her a little more.

No Seiyuu no Life: Aoi Yuuki

In the end, I think I’m a little disappointed. I hoped for a more diverse cast of character, because while Aoi Yuuki‘s voice is soft and doesn’t leave much of an impression, it also has a strong color to it. She can sound as good as a soft character than she can as a strong and decided character like Diane in The Seven Deadly Sins. She can even do evil pretty well, I’d relate her to the like of Mamiko Noto whose voice has the same characteristic of being able to sound soft and evil at the same time which makes it pretty scary and interesting to listen to.

Aoi Yuuki still has a long career ahead of her, she’s only 23 after all, I hope that as she grows, she gets a lot more different roles.

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