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No Prediction for Second Round in Jerusalem

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Paul the Octopus was considered a successful predictor of results in the 2010 World Cup tournament.
Lehavdil, a rabbi in Lod claims to have successfully predicted many elections, in Israel and abroad, over the past 20 years. But he is refusing to predict the results of the second round of mayoral election voting tomorrow in Jerusalem after getting the prediction for the first round results wrong.
Rav Meir Tornheim from the city of Lod claims to predict election results using psukim form the Torah as his guide and source. He has supposedly accurately predicted the electoral victories of Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron.
no prediction for second round in Jerusalem
In the first round of the elections at the end of October, Rav Tornheim predicted a first round victory for Moshe Lion. We now know that this prediction did not come to be. As a result, Rav Tornheim is refusing to make a prediction for the second round, saying that it is not clear enough to know. Some close to him say he has made a prediction, for Moshe Lion, but is keeping it close to his chest and not publicizing it.
source: Kikar
I am sure after the elections we will hear how privately he made a prediction and was right.  If only he would make the announcement we would be able to call our bookies and place our bets. Anyways, even having missed the first round, it sounds like his successful prediction rating is still pretty high and impressive (unless he is keeping his failed predictions private). I am not sure what it means when he says he wont publicize a prediction because things aren't clear, but if I were Moshe Lion I would be worried - Lion looks to have the elections pretty locked up for the second round and if things are not clear, perhaps that is a warning to him. Maybe Moshe Abutbol's warning to Lion and his staff and volunteers, to not be complacent should be heeded.
I wonder if he made a prediction for Bet Shemesh or Tzfat and whether he was right or wrong..
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