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No Pants Week! {Not Near as Dirty as It Sounds!}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
No Pants Week! {Not near as dirty as it sounds!}No Pants Week! {Not near as dirty as it sounds!}
   There is a little known extra holiday hidden between Christmas & New Years Day, a day that sometimes stretches into a week long celebration in our home known as No Pants Day!  It's not nearly as awkward as it sounds I promise, there are pants involved but 99% of the time they are of the sweat variety & the boys are in footed PJs. We do an unnatural amount of grocery shopping the week before Christmas to ensure that there is no reason to leave the house for the whole week. Granted some outings are needed because, well lets just face it we would kill each other due to the small size of our house vs. the 5 people in our family! Never the less any trips out of the house are usually, if any way possible, done in PJs. 

No Pants Week! {Not near as dirty as it sounds!}

New Cowboy Boots & New Scooter!

No Pants Week! {Not near as dirty as it sounds!}
   One of the funny parts of our holiday was visiting my grandmother's house where Jayden found an old disc while sitting at her computer & was seriously perplexed with what it was! It said 'Games' on it but what the heck was it! Notice the date on the disc. Its times like this that I think of all the things they will never know; VHS, Cassette tapes, Car Phones {not cell phones}, Floppy Discs, Film Cameras that you have to wait to develop. It's crazy!
   Now onto the not so fun parts of our holiday! For Jayden the change in routine from going to school every day to not going at all over break usually throws him into a spin but couple that with the excitement of the holidays & its really more of a nose dive! We have been dealing with a lot of over stimulation problems & with Jayden he doesn't really have many meltdowns but when he gets over stimulated he starts stimming & just going into overload where he shuts down & will at times not ever respond. Check out the video on my YouTube channel if you are interested.
No Pants Week! {Not near as dirty as it sounds!}
   Last but not least, it was a few days after Christmas but the pizza I ordered from Giordano's in Chicago came in & we cooked it up. Amazing wasn't even the word, there are no words to say how awesome real Chicago deep dish pizza is. It's not the cheapest thing in the world, a large cheese pizza cost about $62 after shipping via FedEx but it was well worth it as a gift! They take your order, half bake it, freeze it overnight, then next day FedEx it to you in a box with dry ice. It tasted just like sitting in the shop in Chicago!    Well, I hope every one had a great holiday & that you have a safe New Year! I know I'm not the only one out there who is staying home but I'm still excited the boys are bound & determined to stay up all night long & pull pranks on who ever falls asleep first! There has been talk amongst the ranks of whip cream in the hand & a feather to the nose! The last time we pulled pranks we put Pop Rocks in Deano's mouth while he was asleep! All to easy to do since their daddy passed down the super attractive woman enticing trait of sleeping with their mouths open!

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