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No One Can Stop Me From Anything That I Want To Do

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Message StonesThere are a lot of people who try to discourage other people from moving forward in life. They do not like or want to see them get anywhere.

There are also the certain types of people who underestimate the abilities and potential of other people and will do everything within their power to try to downgrade their efforts or aspirations.

No one knows us better than we know ourselves. And absolutely no one can tell us what we are and are not capable of doing or accomplishing.

Some people kill me. How they will just come along, not really knowing anything about one personally, yet think that they can sum up their life story within an instant or after a few encounters.

Some people treat others as if they were just born yesterday. The stupid people always think that they have all of the answers. They think that they know everything.

When one who actually does have more knowledge about particular things than they do they do not want to hear it. They will not listen.

It may take them a while before they realize that they were wrong. One would think that they would learn from their mistakes and lack of intellectual acuity. However, they always do not. And they get angry or vindictive when someone else is in the right.

They often try to force their ideas, thoughts, and opinions on a person who refuses to accept what they do not agree with and/or knows that is wrong.

Some will admit to their fault. Some will just try to deny that they had made a certain judgement or determination to begin with because they do not want to feel and appear obtuse.

Many of them want to be looked up to. They want appreciation and gratitude. So sometimes their overbearing attitude is more of a need for importance rather than insolence.

On other occasions it is pure ignorance on their part. They are too stubborn to consider another point of view. In fact, if another person’s knowledge or point of view is something that is authoritative, too heavy for them to comprehend, and maybe even foreign, they get offended and defensive. And ready to retaliate by downgrading one to a further extent.

Later down the line though these people do experience what others could perceive and distinguish earlier on in regard to their circumstances and situations.

The predicaments that they fall under more than makes up for the aggravation and trouble that they may have caused to other people. Incidents and occurrences often come and bring to them humiliation and embarrassment.

And the ones who they had belittled, underestimated, or tried to discourage are the same ones that they would have to bow down to.

I hate pompous people who think and try to be more than what they are. Usually they are the ones who have had the most dirt on them. Having done the most atrocious of things yet they have the nerve to want to downgrade someone else. They love to tear and put people with upstanding character in positions where they do not belong.

These individuals are so absurd and obnoxious.

When people are unable to affect a person in the mind they attempt to do other things. Such as cause harassment.

It is very important in life to never under any circumstance allow anyone or anything to hinder a progression. If it is within one’s power to do so there is no other choice but to fight. Surrendering is not an option by any means.

Whenever someone endeavors to interfere with my life-the things that I am meant to do and achieve-the way that I am suppose to remain and become. It only sparks a fire within me. Naturally and passionately inspiring more determination. A higher and more intense motivation to succeed. I’d die before I give into anyone or anything that I am opposed to.

I do not believe in compromising any of my standards. I will not accept half way. Alternatives. Or a redo. When it is in regard to my destiny it is all or nothing.

And nothing is just what those in particular would get who dare to stop me from attaining anything in life that I genuinely earn and deserve.

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