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No New Apartments In Idlewild Parking Lot

By Ceemac126 @PGCBlogging

No New Apartments In Idlewild Parking LotI’m not all that familiar with Bowie’s Hilltop Plaza and the Idlewild neighborhood, but the thought of an apartment building popping up in the parking lot of a plaza seems unpleasant even to me.  The parking lot is 4 acres but when you account for the size of the apartment buildings, increased traffic, new entrances/exits, etc., it’s really not a lot of space.

Residents testified at a Bowie Council meeting that traffic is already heavy at the Hilltop Plaza and quite frankly, they don’t want to lose property value as a result of having apartments built in their neighborhood.  Hilltop Plaza business owners testified in favor of the apartment because they know more people means more customers, and so what about the property values because the business owners don’t live in Bowie; what do they care? 

No New Apartments In Idlewild Parking Lot
After hearing  from 10 residents who opposed the apartments and 2 business people, Bowie’s City Council  denied a request by the center’s owner, M. Leo Storch Management Corp. of Pikesville, for city support of a zoning change that would allow more units.  The Bowie Council has no authority to rezone property, but its recommendations are considered by Prince George’s County Council, which does have rezoning authority.

Sounds like Plaza owner M. Leo Storch is certainly on the right road with all his new upgrades and store additions; the apartments just weren’t a good idea.

Gazette Story here.


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