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No More Shoko Lachmaniya?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
no more shoko lachmaniya? one of the classic Israeli foods is "shoko v'lachmaniya" a little bag of chocolate milk with a roll. Israelis eat this all summer long, and also at special occasions. It can be a Rosh Chodesh treat. You can see little kids eating it for a meal or a snack, and you can see construction workers and bus drivers and anybody else downing a bag of shoko..
Minister f Health Yaakov Litzman has been running a campaign to get people to eat healthier, and he has been putting in new regulations into schools to ensure that children are eating less junk food during school hours.
Litzman's newest effort is focusing on the classic shoko lachmaniya. He is saying that he is going to prohibit the distribution of "shoko lachmaniya" at any State-supervised camps and activities. Litzman called these bags of chocolate milk "garbage". This program is not in effect yet and is just a statement of intentions - he has to work it out with the Ministry of Education before he can actually do anything about it.
While Tara and Strauss both produce versions of shoko without sugar added, Tnuva does not (though they do produce a version with less sugar added).
source: Behadrei, TheMarker
The article only talks about the shoko. Will they get rid of the lachmaniya as well? Turn it whole wheat?
While shoko is a delicious drink, and it would be a shame to get rid of something that has become part of the identity of a nation, anything that promotes healthier eating is good work.
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