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No More Lonely Nights for Paul McCartney

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

Paul MCartney and Nancy Shevell have made it official- they are engaged. They began seeing each other three years ago when Paul was in the midst of a nasty divorce, and unfounded rumors have circulated before about an engagement. However, this time it was confirmed by Paul’s publicist- no details, just that it is true and everyone is happy for them.

In the un-celebrity world folks who have been married twice and planning to marry a third time are often labeled not so nice things- like two time loser. Indeed, two previous marriages may point to a need for caution, but less so for Paul and no, not because he is a celebrity.

Paul’s first marriage to Linda lasted for many years, until her death from cancer in 1998. He was clearly grief stricken and did not remarry for four years. However, that second marriage was filled with conflict and he said, she said allegations of abuse and neglect- but did produce one child and a large settlement for heather Mills, his ex. It seems fair to say that Paul chose badly once. Was it because he was lonely? Perhaps he was vulnerable to Heather because of her physical limitation. Or maybe he was very naive, having been very happily married to one woman since his youth- and then suddenly becoming an eligible bachelor in his 50’s- one that would be pursued by many females. Somehow I think the latter of these holds the truth.

What are Paul’s chances of getting it right this time? Pretty good, I think. Many of their friends say they are well suited in temperament and lifestyle preferences. Nancy is a mature businesswoman who brings independence, maturity and lots of life experience to the relationship. Paul was very happily married once which has been shown to be a major reason behind men remarrying. Those who have not had good marriages are less likely to move towards commitment. At their ages and life stages, Paul and Nancy are most likely looking for companionship, a good and trusted friend and a lover- most likely in that order. There’s a good chance they will both find these in each other.

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