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No More "Dry Max" Pampers

By Newsanchormom

No more
I just saw this article on that says Pampers is revamping those diapers we talked about last year that some parents say caused nasty blisters on their child's bottom. The article says Proctor and Gamble is tweaking the diapers to no longer say "dry max" and making the diapers more comfortable and absorbent.
Here's a comment from a reader regarding the "dry max" diapers.
"I've been researching trying to figure out why my 1 yr old has such a bad diaper rash that won't go away. Usually Nystatin takes it right away, but this has been going on for 2 weeks now. The dr. said to put the cream on, but it's not helping. I thought it could be the switch to milk from formula or the MMR and/or chickenpox vacc., but now I'm wondering. I just checked on the diapers and they have the "Dry Max". I've always used Pampers and never had a problem like this. I'm going to try different diapers tomorrow and see if that clears up the rash."

According to MSNBC:
After months of investigations, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and
Health Canada found no specific cause linking the diapers to rashes.

Still, there was enough of an issue for Proctor & Gamble to change its diapers... just say'in.
And the MSNBC article also says Pampers and Huggies are down in sales. I would assume that's due to the economy. I know we are only using generic diapers at home.

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