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No I’m Not Dead, But This Blog Is!

Posted on the 15 July 2014 by Jarvisedwards @jarvis_edwards

No I’m Not Dead, But This Blog Is!I’m back! It’s Been So Long. Yay!

Yeah right. Who the hell even cares?

And are those echos I hear?


Yup. It’s been a year since I mustered enough sick-and-tiredness to quit
blogging here, cold turkey.

And to the 3 loyal readers out there who I abandoned, thanks for somehow finding your way back.

Enough of my bumbling. Goes without saying, I’ve been away on a hiatus. Blogging and building an audience to read this crap isn’t easy when you have life to smack in the face (hard).

Clients to tend to. Clients to prospect for. Clients to chase down and threaten to pay me or…..oops. Sorry, got a little off track there!

Most of all though, I found it no longer beneficial spending my time crafting clever posts (lol), all to be held victim to search engine roulette (read: who the heck even SEES this stuff?).

In other words, all things being considered: It was a waste of my time!

So you’re are reading the new and improved blog. Yes, I’ll be doling out copywriting tidbits that can catapult your mission to Jupiter, but I won’t be sharing copywriting advice as I did in previous posts.

What I WILL be sharing is how to apply concepts and strategies to GET PAID using copywriting mastery as a foundation.

Sounds exciting huh?!!

I know you can’t wait. *sarcasm*

Neither can I. Can’t say when, might be a day, could be a month. Several months is even likely.  But it will be worth the wait.

Subscribe or bookmark for updates.

See you soon (I think).

by Jarvis Edwards

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