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No Entry To Chassidim!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I saw this a couple of days ago and decided to just ignore it. 
A restaurant in Ukraine, in Uman, hung the following sign on its storefront window:
No Entry To Chassidim!
The sign declares no entry to Chassidim. The proprietor claims it is not anti-semitism but because of CoronaVirus, as you can also see on the sign.
So initially I decided to ignore it. At the end of the day it is just boring old classic anti-semitism. No dogs or Jews served here. Jews/chassidim spread disease. etc. Go complain to the ADL. Anti-Semites exist and there is nothing interesting about them.
Since then though my mind keeps wandering back to it. 
I find it intriguing because if this is not a Jewish restaurant but a Ukranian restaurant, how many of the Breslav pilgrims to Uman are going to this treif restaurant to eat that they need to post a sign "no entry to Chassidim"? 
With almost no customers from among the Chassidim, there really is no need for this sign. It is more than basic boring anti-semitism. It is active interesting anti-semitism. They went out of their way to make an unnecessary statement. They arent protecting themselves because the "plague-spreading chassidim" arent going there anyway. They are going out of their way to show their anti-semitism.
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