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No! .com Investors Are Not Threatened by New Gtld’s

Posted on the 01 August 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

So I read an article on the Flippa blog by Max Guerin that seems to want take shots at .com investors, Rick Schwartz and the “traditional domain press.”

In an article titled “The Rise of Alternative Domains” Guerin starts out the gate with cheap shots,

Some domain investors have been complaining about new gTLDs (new general top-level domains) seeing in them a threat to their almighty dot-com and while the latter has not yet been dethroned as “the king extension” the competition has definitely been felt.

As an investor, you often hear the phrase competition is good and should be supported so why should it be any different from the domain industry? It’s not like .com stands for “communist” (it’s “commercial” dummies) although when you listen to people like Rick Schwartz who calls himself “Domain King” (why not “The Father of Domains” while he’s at it) it sometimes feels like it.  

I think it’s fair to say that no .com only domainer sees new gtlds a threat to their .com portfolio. Especially Rick, so the communist line seems way out there.

Guerin compares new gtld opportunity now, (which let’s be honest some are over 5 years old and new is just a state of mind) to what he saw in domain hacks, and buying and selling cctlds. Guerin has been running a domainers club (Claim.Club) for over a decade that has made over $1million in profits, so congrats to him on that. Claim.Club does forward to a hack ClaimYour.Name.

When talking about sales in cctlds, Guerin makes the statement, ” Domain sales have also gone up despite not being widely enough reported on by the traditional domain press.

That’s simply not true, DNJournal, DNW, DomainInvesting, TLDinvestors, OnlineDomains, TheDomains and just about every other blog that blogs daily, covers the sales of legacy tlds, cctlds and new gtlds. So I am not sure why that statement would be made, because if the venue reports it, it’s covered and also listed in Namebio.

Look personally I believe invest in whatever you like, be honest and transparent with your sales and your relationships and don’t mislead new investors. We have advertisers here that come from both the new gtld and legacy world, Mike and I own plenty of legacy extensions, cctlds and new gtlds. There is no need to try to imply that those who have differing opinions have those opinions out of fear or feel threatened.

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