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No Casting Couch Encounters for Kristin Bauer

Posted on the 14 September 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

No casting couch encounters for Kristin BauerIn a recent interview with Metro Kristin Bauer reveals that she didn’t sleep her way to the top and that her mother is a fan of True Blood.

Did a casting couch ever present itself?
I looked for that route but never found it. Where the heck was that route? People would say: ‘Oh that girl slept her way to the top’ and I’d ask: ‘Who, how, where?’ I was having sex with people, just the wrong people apparently, because that was never an opportunity for me. I can’t say I wouldn’t have welcomed it although I don’t think it always pays off. I met one girl who slept with Steven Seagal but she only got to be a corpse in the movie.

What does your family think of your success now?My mother is the only one in my entire family who can handle True Blood. She’s 70 and thinks it’s fun. My sister still fast-forwards through that first part of The Lion King when the lion dies. So they can’t handle it. Every year my brother says: ‘I’m going to watch it this year’ then… nothing. But the sweet thing about my family is that, to them, I had made it as soon as I got my first line on a TV show.So they don’t really get what you do?Not at all. I took them on the Universal Studios back lot tour and they asked if I’d ever been on a sound stage. I said: ‘What do you people think I do for a living?’

What do you say to people who want to be actors?
I always think: ‘Run!’ but I say: ‘Is there anything else you love to do?’ If they say: ‘Biology and I’d love to be a vet’, I advise them to do that. Most people don’t really want to audition for 15 years and go through all the ups and downs. They want to be on True Blood and go to red carpet events.

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