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No Calm Before The Storm For iPhone Rumors

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

There has been a steady stream of iPhone rumors over the past few months and this week I would have thought that the rumors might slow down in advance of the announcement of the iPhone rumored to be here in a few weeks, if not this next week. That has not been the case and they seem to continue to show up, such as the recent Case-Mate posting that generated a lot of talk about the shape and size of the iPhone 5 that is coming. That resulted in many talking about the iPhone 5 coming as a thinner phone, wider in size and with a curved shape to the phone. These have been rumored before, but there has not been talk about cases that fit that size until now.

The latest rumor that has come out involves AT&T and a screen shot showing an inventory listing for the iPhone 4S in the color of white. This is care of engadget.com who has been provided a screen shot of the information, which we are providing here for you. The unknown is just how accurate this is from AT&T. While it is reportedly from an internal AT&T screen, there are some questions about what is being shown. It does seem to indicate that a white iPhone 4S is indeed coming, but there are some other questions about this information that might put it into question.

Credit: Engadget.com One of the questions that is being posed is the line showing the white phone. Apple rumors have always shown the cheaper iPhone as being the iPhone 4S with a capital S. The listing is showing this with a lower case s and that make one wonder where this is accurate information or not. The other information that is being questioned is the lack of information regarding the amount of flash memory on the phone which has been rumored to be 8 GB. The lack of that information seems to question whether this is accurate information. There are enough rumors to support the idea of Apple providing a cheaper version of the iPhone.

We do not know whether Apple is going to be releasing two iPhones at the same time or not. Doing that could impact potential sales rather than offering them months apart from each other. Based on the rumors regarding when Apple is going to let us know the details of the coming iPhone, it could be next week that we could find out. In another rumor, there is talk of assembly problems for the iPhone and they may not have enough inventory to launch by October 7th and it may be moved back a week to October 14th. Things are growing closer.

Once Apple makes that announcement and depending on exactly what they will be announcing, there will be a growing storm of information about the next iPhone. And this storm of information will grow to the point of overload until Apple actually starts to release the next iPhone into the hands of consumers. For Apple, this is exactly what they want to see happen as everyone is creating excitement for a product that few details are known about it and the rumors have been going hot and heavy for months now.

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