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No Ambulance? No Problem!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The people of Elad have a serious problem, but I think I have found the solution.
The truth is that the people of Elad have a lot of problems. The city has had a lot of political problems and fighting and the residents have suffered because of it, largely in the way of unprovided city services and lack of budgets for important things. According to Bechadrei, they have a very specific new problem.
The city of Elad has to go through a series of budget cuts for the coming years due to past problems and debts. It turns out that one of the items being cut is the ambulance service with MDA. In August 2012 the contract with MDA was not renewed, though despite not being paid, they have not removed the ambulance form the city and have continued to provide the services to the 45,000 residents of Elad. In the new budget, it was discovered, the entire item has been removed - there is no money at all budgeted for MDA services.
The decision to remove the item from the books for the upcoming budget has angered residents and councilmen. If MDA will remove the ambulance from the town and stop providing services, something very likely to happen if no money is being budgeted for that, it will mean the city has abandoned the residents to waiting 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive from Petach Tikva in a situation of need.
So, what's my solution? It actually is a solution that comes from Lakewood. Specifically from Hatzoloh of Lakewood.
No ambulance? no big deal. In Lakewood they had an asifa about tzniyus. for three days after the asifa, a time when women would have been very inspired and would have been more careful about their tznius, there were NO calls to Hatzoloh! No phone calls for three days, when they usually get an average of 7 calls per day!
See for yourself:
No ambulance? No problem!
So, my solution to the problem in Elad is simply to have a tznius asifa, improve the level of tznius, and sure enough there will be no need for an ambulance!
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