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Nintendo’s Pokémon Go Will Be An AR Smartphone Game

Posted on the 24 December 2015 by Dailyfusion @dailyfusion
Nintendo’s Pokémon Go Will Be An AR Smartphone Game

Nintendo is working on an augmented-reality smartphone which will run on Android and iOS and will be released next year. The game will come along the Pokémon Go Plus, which is a wearable device that will use a Bluetooth connection and will notify the users when it will detect another Pokémon in the area. John Hanke, chief executive of Niantic Labs, talked about the upcoming Pokémon Go and how it will change the users' lives.

Hanke said that Nintendo's goal is to make the users walk out their houses and find a Pokémon within a few minutes, so they're everywhere and you can battle with them anytime. However, there will be gyms, but the Hanke wasn't able to give too much information on what they will be like, if they'll be gym leaders, or if the players will get badges, if there will be an Elite Four, or even a Champion.

There will be different kinds of Pokémon living in various parts of the world, so it's obvious that the Water Pokémon will be located near the water, but you can trade your rare Pokémon with another one you'll find hidden somewhere. Unfortunately, Pokémon Go will have exclusive Pokémon living only in some regions and it will be frustrating for the players who "live" in areas populated with Zubats and Rattatas, while their friends can catch Dragonites and Charizards in other parts of the world.

Hanke has added that they will have events for Pokémon, so the users will be able to trade stuff with their friends, but there will be also players who will travel the world to catch a Pokémon, while others are training their Pokémon in order to prepare it for the battle (League Champion).

The best thing about the Pokémon Go Plus, which can be worn as a watch, is that it will inform you if something is happening in your area, saving you from continuosly checking your phone for that.

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