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Nike Air Safari Black Sail

By Emma @lamodedemm
So a while back I told you guys that I have actually taken an interest in trainers and would like to start building a collection. I'm soo indecisive though, just when I'm at the checkout, my brother will show me another pair and the cycle continues ...Spotted these ridiculously beautiful Nikes on me equally beautiful friend, Erica. I could tell they were FRESH from the box because the white was the purest white, j-just blinding me!
And yes, YES these are current numero un on me trainers list!
NIKE Air Safari Black SailNIKE Air Safari Black SailNIKE Air Safari Black Sail

NIKE Air Safari Black Sail

Forgive the unequal trouser lengths, haa ... dare I say future trend?!

NIKE Air Safari Black Sail
Nike Air Safari Black Sail, OFFSPRING
La Mode D'Emm

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