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By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie

I just woke myself up from a really bad dream. 

I dreamed everybody in my family that I know and love (Daddy, Haley, her husband, and my Papow were the only players in the dream though) got infected with some sort of horrible, stinky poop virus and we were all uncontrollably pooping everywhere.  Every.Where!  It was all over my clothes, in my hair. 

So vivid, how does my brain so accurately imagine what poop in my hair feels like?  Am I crazy?!?! 

I swear it took a good five minutes of eye rubbing and head shaking to clear the cobwebs and assure myself that it was not real and my insides feel fine. 

I'm going back to bed now, but wondering if I should somehow diaper myself up, just in case the Poopocalypse really does happen.

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