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Night Glow Clocks

By Just For Clocks @JustForClocks
moon clock

The disappearance of sunlight, the primary energy source for life on Earth, has dramatic impacts on the morphology, physiology and behaviour of almost every organism. Some animals sleep during the night, whilst other nocturnal animals including owls, wolf and others are active during this time. The moonlight sometimes makes it possible to travel or work outdoors at light. Considering this revelations in mind the night glow clocks are made where quiet and stillness roams.

These sentiments are encapsulated in every piece of a wall clock that glows as the shadows blanked your quarters. The entire series of the sleek and modern clock will enliven your space. As Haoshi, a brand truly unique in the world of clocks says “A layer of Fluorescent whitening agent has been applied to the surface of the clock, exposed to day light, “it will generate a shimmer in the dark…like the moon is giving a warm hug to the nocturnal animal. When the night falls, in the darkness of quiet and still, the owl is exulting in exploring this world. The moonlight energizes the own, and the moon is the faith they rely on.” Haoshi the brand with Just for Clocks sells some of the breath-taking night glow clocks.

night-glow haoshi clock

A wide range of Night Glow Clocks are offered to enriched customers. The bright glow and polish of these clocks enhance the visibility during the night time. Clocks have unique and attractive designs & shapes which appeal patrons who want designer clocks at their places. The experienced specialists develop these clocks to show perfect combination of science and art to enhance the look of every place wherever these are hanged.

night-glow haoshi clock

Adorn your wall furnishing with the high-quality moon graphics and long-lasting accuracy of this Moon Design Wall Clock from Karlsson. Made of transparent glass material, this wall-mounted clock in gray color is decorated with a moon surface design. These clocks are usually easy to use and maintain, this moon-inspired wall clock can be fixed in any room of your modern home. Usually the clocks are placed in bed room to radiate your soul with calmness and stillness of the moon.

moon clock

Believing in the fact that a clock is not just a time telling device, NeXtime has worked with the leading designers who shares the same passion for a well-crafted clock and creates design that has become the signature of NeXtime. Our brand Just for Clocks brings home some of the mesmerizing night glow clocks only for our virtual customers.This new glow in the dark New Moon dome is made with the latest glow in the dark technology. A part of the clock will light up at night giving you the atmosphere of another world than in the day!

Night Glow ClocksNight Glow Clocks

New York is often known as the city of lights. When one hangs this clock on your wall then you will enjoy the enchanting skyline of New York lighting up at night. Just imagine this spectacular aura surrounding the clock. You can say creativity at its best. This glass clock is made with the latest glow in the dark technology which will leave you mesmerized by its cool effect.

Night Glow Clocks Night Glow Clocks

The Creative Head of Just For Clocks Mr. Navin Kanodia says  –

“Technology gave night glow clocks the wings to spread calmness and peace in the advent of darkness. Night Glow clocks is the best thing that happened in the world of clocks.”

Hence the advent of technology has provided human kind with lots of gifts and the creation of these clocks is one of them. Their invention has changed the way people look at a clock as a mere time telling machine. The definition of clocks has changed phenomenally where technology and art has homogenized to create something beautiful, something extraordinary.

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