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Nigel Farage - Love Britain - Vote UKIP

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Nigel Farage - Love Britain - Vote UKIP

I personally detest this poundstretcher-style U£IP logo

"Supporting Nigel Farage's ugly-nationalist UKIP, Mike, how does that resonate with your supposed Free Planet message?"  I've always admired Farage's no nonsense non-PC delivery in the European Parliament. Sure, he has the aura of a Classic GCHQ Operative or Agitprop about him, can anyone really be this non-PC and live to shout-smile another day? Farage uses the term Patriotic and I don't see any free-planet conflict of interest there. I don't necessarily care what he says or how he says it, except that I agree with him that EMBEDing in a chosen 'free planet' Diversity is the only way to ensure that one's thought process isn't guided by some 'invasion of outside dogma' from Diversities afar. Embed within your chosen Diversitiy or get the fuck out. If, for personal/career reasons say, I decided to live in Japan, I would expect that my English way of life would have to be adjusted significantly to allow me to 'fit in' with the co-habitants of my New Home. Ghettoism (or the desire to dogma-ize a foreign land) is like a cancer in a Healthy Organism, a fight for dominance where conflict is neither needed nor wanted. Here's Farage delivering his Love Britain, Vote UKIP message to the delegates of the UKIP national conference in Torquay, this morning.  VIDEO GOES HERE WHEN IT'S AVAILABLE. 

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