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NHS - Fun with Numbers

Posted on the 15 April 2015 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

Conservatives pledge another £8 billion a year on the NHS.
Labour say that they would only spend another £2.5 billion a year on the NHS.
Lib Dems match the Tories' pledge of £8 billion a year more on the NHS.
Greens promise to employ an extra 400,000 people in the NHS, cost unspecified, £20 billion a year, maybe?
UKIP plans an extra £2.4 billion a year for the NHS (over five years = £12 billion headline figure).
What nobody can explain is that one-third of the NHS budget (over £100 billion a year) goes on doctors' and nurses' salaries and actual medicines, but nobody knows where the other two-third goes.
I am sure that there is plenty of other worthwhile stuff in there, like ambulances and ambulance drivers, cleaners and so on; and there is plenty of crap like translating anti-smoking leaflets into 128 different languages and all the PFI fraud and waste, but is there a breakdown of it?
The Taxpayers' Alliance have scratched the surface occasionally, well done them.

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