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NH 24 - A Well Crafted Debut by Nitin Yadav

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

People in journalism know Nitin Yadav quite well. After a successful career in journalism, Nitin decided to diversify his writing skills in publishing a story a few years back. Reading a story from a journalist will always be a little different from the story from a writer with no exposure in journalism. The former will always produce crispier, straightforward, and more realistic stories connecting more closely with society and an individual. That same kind of touch you will find Nitin's first book “NH 24” that was recently launched at the International Book Fair 2020 in New Delhi. The book was unveiled by Rajul Tewari, Geeta Singh, Naveen Choudhary, and Nitin Yadav. Though it is a work of fiction, when it comes from a journalist, there is supposed to be a lot of real-life portion in it. The book is published by Authors Pride Publishers Pvt Ltd.
NH 24 - A Well Crafted Debut by Nitin Yadav
The reading session at the launch of NH24 was fabulous giving the key insights on the theme of the book and the intensity with which it has been plotted by the author. Besides that, there was a panel discussion where the author, publisher, and the moderator had an intriguing discussion. The story of NH24 is about a young man who encounters and serious road accident and is struggling with life in the hospital. It is there that the protagonist recalls all the important moments of his life. Those moments also include the darker side of his life lying there untold and unspoken for years in his subconscious mind. NH 24 touches those crucial moments very delicately and softly not to hurt but to heal the wounded soul of Rahul, the protagonist. The book something that we all feel but are mostly afraid to touch.
Author Nitin Yadav says, "I have tried to bring actual and undeclared truth of the society in simple language and hope that the readers will like the same."

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