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Nexus 4 Sells Out In Just 30 Minutes

Posted on the 14 November 2012 by Spencerinc @spencerincorp

Nexus 4 Sells Out In Just 30 Minutes
Google's flagship phone, the  Nexus 4, sold out in just 30 mins today. With people in their thousands out searching for that 4" bargain
And you can see why.  With it starting at just £239 for the 8GB model and £279 for the 16GB model. It is an astonishing price for a product that runs Android 4.2 out-of-the-box, with in-built wireless charging, has a quad-core processor and an 8GB camera. It can't be a bad deal.
As always there are some drawbacks to the Nexus 4. Mainly being a lack of LTE which, for many of those outside the US, shouldn't be a problem. As well as some reports of it having a poor battery life but, this should not pose to be too much of a problem.
What does this speedy sell-out show? That many people saw it as an incredibly low priced phone with some incredibly high standard specs or that Google under produced the product to grab worldwide headlines? Either way this phone has a lot to offer to this over-priced mobile world and should send some manufactures back to the drawing board to re-think their product's prices.
Even if this device has some drawbacks, it is still the shock this market needs to jolt it into action, rather than just letting phone prices go up and up. It shows a very important step in the mobile device world, that Google is ready to stand up to the plate against Apple. Both companies now have a full range of devices(4",7" and 10") running stock versions of their software but, who will win? We will see how Google fairs in the next quarter and whether they truly can push Apple off their podium, where they have been stood for far too long.
Jack Spencer

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