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Next Step in New Commissioned Painting

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

Each time I begin work on this commissioned painting, I study my photo of the original.  What exactly were the steps I took in painting it?  I am not trying to copy the original, but to get its flavor and fever, to take a similar path to a happy ending of visual delight. 

A most prominent aspect of the original painting are circles of color, so that's where I began today.  I first drew circle outlines in Pthalocyanine blue somewhat randomly across the canvas.  Then I began to paint them in selected colors:  cadmium medium red, dark and light plum, pale and dark green, and aqua. 

I was careful to spread the color selections throughout so that no two circles next to each other were the same color.  I ended up with this collection of bright bubbles on a light blue background:

  Canvas #157, 40" x 60" acrylic on canvas.

When the canvas dries, I can take the next step in this painting process.

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