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nexGTV SPOTLight: Showcase Your Movie Making Talent

Posted on the 22 December 2015 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

Here's a good news for aspiring movie and video creators who are struggling for a chance to showcase their talent. Here's one initiative that can win you a quicker spotlight, if you have good talent. The nexGTV has launched a new feature called Spotlight to reward talented video creators.

nexGTV is a platform that allows users to watch movies, TV Shows and even Live TV on their smartphone. As per the information I got, it has already recorded over 25 million downloads. It gives subscription based service.

The SPOTLight initiative has been launched in partnership with none other than the talented film director and writer, Imtiaz Ali. What does that mean for the video creators? It means that if your video manages to be among the top five videos on nexGTV SPOTLight of the month, it will be presented to Imtiaz Ali. And from those top five videos he will select his two favourites!

nexGTV invites all video creators to upload their original creation to get a chance to be showcased before Imtiaz Ali. The videos can belong to any genre. They can be fiction or non-fiction. They can be horror, satire, poetry, comedy and so on. These videos will be available for public viewing on nexGTV's 'TV on Mobile' platform that can be accessed through smartphone apps, as well as nexGTV website.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Abhesh Verma, COO, nexGTV, said, "Spotlight means centre stage, and that is exactly what we are looking to offer those bitten by the creative bug. By bringing someone of Imtiaz's class and caliber, we are offering a unique chance to not just independent video content creators but to everybody to discover and showcase their talent in order to get it judged by a Master of the Craft. The cash prize is meant as an incentive to encourage the aspiring video content creators to channel their creativity and further innovate."

Imtiaz Ali added, "India, today, is brimming with talented individuals just looking for ways to express themselves through their creativity. 'SPOTLight' gives them the perfect stage to channel their genius to create something that resonates with the public. I am glad to be involved in such a wonderful initiative and will look forward to seeing the best entries."

As I didn't have any video except my novel's video trailers, I couldn't try out how easy or difficult it is to upload a video. But I did try the initial steps and they involved registering or logging in and filling the video information form.

All the uploaded videos will be moderated to make sure they don't carry any objectionable content. There is also a scheme of paying for the uploaded content. It is a tiered scheme, that is, the videos with more views will earn more. A video must have a minimum of 3000 views to be eligible to receive payment.

As for the SPOTLight initiative, the participants can upload as many videos as they want. If I remember correctly, the videos must be no longer than 7 minutes. Every month, five videos with maximum views will be showcased before Mr. Imtiaz Ali. Out of these five, Imtiaz will select his two favourites. The first prize winner will get INR 1 lakh. The second prize winner will have his or her next video sponsored by nexGTV.

That sounds like a great opportunity for the aspiring movie makers to showcase their talent before the popular movie director Imtiaz Ali, and of course, the public. It is also a win-win for nexGTV. As of now, I found the content on nexGTV quite limited and a bit too full of B grade sleaze. Although, you can find some old classic movies and shows like Fauji and Malgudi Days on it too and also blockbusters like Pyar Ka Panchnaama, Singham Returns, Roar etc. But still, for a subscription based service, the content unfortunately is very limited. With this new SPOTLight initiative, nexGTV has ensured a supply of high quality, free short videos which they can add to their free to view content. Moreover, to be able to upload your content on SPOTLight, you have to register at nexGTV. That means more users. And as the rewards are dependent on number of views, it will make the content creators to make efforts to draw those views. Like by posting the links to their videos on social networks etc. And that will again draw more users. So, as I said, SPOTLight is a win-win for all.

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