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Newly Kosher Imported Coca Cola

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Maariv is reporting (and Srugim as well) that the Rabbanut has decided to approve as kosher some drinks made by Coca Cola (Coca Cola, Coke Zero, Fanta, and Sprite) imported by alternate importers. Until now they have refused to approve these as kosher, thus creating a sort of monopoly by the local manufacturer of the drink under the Landau hechsher which keeps the prices elevated. Allowing alternate imports and certifying them as kosher is expected to bring the prices of Coca Cola down, at least on the imported versions.
The new RRabbanut policy is that if an importer can prove that the product he wants to import is exactly the same as a product already sold and approved in Israel as kosher, the Rabbanut will now approve the import and put its own certification on the product and stamp it kosher. 
So, under this new policy of the Rabbanut, alternate importers of Coca Cola have begun importing the drinks from other countries, and I guess they can prove it to be the same product as the certified one sold in Israel, and obtain the Rabbanut hechsher for the imported Coca Cola.
I would note that as far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with the issue of the fight regarding Ukranian Coca Cola (though the same clause might apply) and the debate over whether Coca Cola without a hechsher can be consumed as kosher or not, nor whether the new Belz hechsher on Ukranian Coca Cola is real and reliable or not.
The Rabbanut stresses that only Coca Cola bearing their kashrut certification is kosher under this new rule and not any and every import. If it does not have the Rabbanut certification on it, it is not approved as kosher even under the new guidelines.
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