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New Years Resolutions - 2016

By Aworldfullofprettiness
This year I made a conscious decision to not make any new years resolutions that I knew I wouldn't stick to. 'But that's the whole idea!' I hear you cry.. 'Push yourself in order to achieve those resolutions'. I get it, but now I've come to the realisation that I'm just setting myself up to fail, and that I'll just be miserable within 2.5 weeks of being into January, knowing that I'm already on the downward spiral with my eating. The downward spiral that I happen to get on every.single.year.
This year I thought I'm actually going to switch it up a bit - make resolutions that I actually want to do. What a genius idea I hear you say? I know, I know.
I was aware that in 2015 I spent way too much time on the internet, be it on my laptop or phone. 50% of that time would have been aiming to better my life by getting inspiration from others, but I'd somehow get absorbed into some strangers life that I've never met before, and spend an hour creeping on their blog, photos and everything in between. I'd come away feeling like I actually knew that person, when in hindsight, I knew nothing but how this girl is great at making her life look perfect through Instagram pictures (c'mon, we all do it...). I didn't learn what I set out to. Times this situation by 200 and this is what the majority of my internet time went on. Living my life through others, or wishing I had what they had. All these vloggers, bloggers, work-from-home creative women, they're everywhere.
My aim for 2016 is about 'me' time. Making sure I don't get too absorbed in social media to the point I neglect other areas of my life (I'm looking at you housework). I've set myself 3 'tasks' if you like, that I have to complete by the end of every month. For most of you, these tasks will be pretty achievable in just a week, maybe. But this is me, and I need to do what fits in best with my lifestyle.
These tasks will make sure I cut off from social media just that little bit more, and make sure I'm getting the time that I need to myself, for me, which I think is important for everyone.
1) Read 1 book a month. I set myself this same 'resolution' last year. Do the maths and you'll work out that I should have read 12 books last year. I failed this and read 10 instead. I know for someone, this is probably achievable in a month, but again, this is me and my lifestyle. I only tend to read in bed, right before I go to sleep. 60% of the time, I'm that shattered by the time my head hits the pillow that reading a book is the last thing I want to do. Last year, there was a period after I returned from Florida that I never read. I didn't pick up a book in almost 2 months because I'd completely got out the swing of it. I'm currently reading a chick lit book and I'm on course to finish it by the end of the month. I love reading, especially if I find a really good book, but unfortunately sometimes other things have to take priority.
2) Colour 1 page of my mindfulness colouring book in per month. Yes, so achievable, and something that could be completed within a matter of hours if I did it in 1 chunk, but sometimes I'd rather spend that time doing something else. I received a mindfulness colouring book from my friend last year for my birthday (Hi Kat, if you're reading!). I'll be honest - I only managed to color in 1 page of it in the 7 months I had it. Partly because I forgot I had it, and partly because again, other things took priority. However within 3 weeks, I've completed 3 pages already. And I'm actually really enjoying it. The whole relaxation concept behind it? It really does work! It completely takes my mind off things if I've had a stressful day or I'm worried about something - you're so busy concentrating on what you're colouring, that for half an hour, you forget about other existences. It's great!
3) I received a Mary Berry baking book for Christmas. Baking is something I love to do but its just one of those things that I do once in a blue moon. I'm not great at it but I do enjoy doing it, especially if its an interesting recipe. I do have a handful of baking books now that I barely use - but I've made a decision that at the end of every month, I will spend a few hours in the kitchen and bake 1 recipe from my new book - that way, it won't get too costly. Keep your eyes peeled to see if any recipes make it to my blog!
There's going to be a small change to my lifestyle very soon, which I'm very excited about, but I'm hoping it means there's only better things to come! Stay tuned for more updates!
New Years Resolutions - 2016

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