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New Years Resolutions

Posted on the 05 January 2012 by Humanwriter @roseforman
This is the time of year we all sit down and think about those hobbies we'd like to pursue, that exercise regime we will do every week and those bad habits we're determined to give up. No one can deny that they have those fleeting thoughts: 'new year, new me' or 'this will be the year that I...' So instead of providing a list of my resolutions which are already doomed to fail, I thought I'd think of a little list of Human Rights resolutions that the world could do with implementing this year. (Any feedback and reader input is always gladly and gratefully accepted.)
Human Rights Resolutions:
1. Kim Jong Un to step down peacefully in a fun and family friendly, pro-democracy celebration.New Years ResolutionsKim Jong Un has reached a bit of a crossroads in his life and it's a bit old fashioned to be taking on the family Dictating business! There's so many opportunities out there for you, Kim Jong Un, why don't you try your hand at party planning, TV journalism or become an airline pilot? North Korea is looking a bit worse for wear and the best thing you could do for it now is to let the people decide their own future, why don't you give them that all important, always taken for granted, right to vote?
2. Freedom of press for all the world's journalists. In fact, freedom of speech for all!
New Years ResolutionsThis one's a biggy, the most constricting thing on politics and human rights is the continuing censorship of thoughts and speech. Why can't Jeremy Clarkson say he wants all protesters shot? (As long as he doesn't pick up his shot gun and head to the streets, he's not actually hurting anyone. Is he?) Freedom of speech is not something that can be 'zoned' or limited. There's no denying that some people use their freedom of speech to say malicious and hurtful things about other people, races, sexual orientations etc. but rights are not designed to only be applicable to nice people. We should all be privileged with the same rights and freedoms. The point is that if they are free to say nasty things, we are free to retort.
3. World Peace
New Years ResolutionsYes, that's right. I thought why not make 2012 the year when everyone gets on? 2011 saw so much violence in the name of peace and freedom, the over turning of Egyptian, Libyan and Tunisian dictatorships were a great step towards the freedom of the people. I only hope that in 2012 there will be room of democratically elected governments in these states, and not just a new list of military dictatorships.

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